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    Techniques Punches Kicks Grappling Martial arts is a traditional thing practiced for forever There's more to it Compartmentalization is the missing martial art Compartmentalization improves sportsmanship in competitive fighting Our values of Confliction Sense and Expression will make competitive fighting just a little bit more about the competition Providing a system that can work for everybody interested in fighting You'll learn to break from the traditional styles to fight with your self and do it like the best fighters

Values & Lessons

A new point system with 15 instead of 10 will help to make martial arts a safer competitive sport Any member of the union can utilize this system Martial arts is a way of life But that doesn't mean go out and fight everyone you meet Compartmentalization employs a number of new Skills Styles and Maneuvers to help prepare a fighter for new opponents


Compartmentalization is a sport Any Parts match will be family friendly Our rules can be used in professional fights all over the world to help keep our martial artists safer Amateur competitions for Compartmentalization will hopefully become as influential on other martial arts as boxing and wrestling and just as entertaining Parting is its own martial art form with more than it's own to contribute Will you put your Compart to the test?



Compart is for you There are more techniques and skills that have not been seen before Plus a unique program designed for Comparting Safety is the first step to good technique with the Compartmentalization system that will teach martial artists to make the initiative that will make them a better athlete

What Is Compart?

Compartmentalization is another style in competitive fighting Like wrestling and boxing it's based on a competitive match with a goal Rather than having a set of techniques a students skill is determined by beating their opponent to the goal Special rules and points are awarded to each competitor to determine a winner just in case.


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  • Competitive fighting
  • Traditional and modern martial arts
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Traditional fighting has become very elaborate Even new styles are defined by thier techniques that set them apart From the old disciplines It's a bigger challenge to come up with a entirely new combat sport with all of that study to consider Like a common denominator - now Compartmentalization could change the tides!


As a part of a well established hobby there are all kinds of new pass-times with this sport There will be a brand new experience to get involved in


Problem solving You don't need special skills to be a martial artist With a good attitude you can succeed in a match with just problem solving All you need is two hands two feet and a strong mind! Parts strengthens the martial artist mind to improve self defense while also teaching martial arts safety and responsibility